Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Favorite Memories of My Favorite Vacation

Dinner each night was a delightful experience.

Crossing the Ecuator.

A great fruit drink. Worth the wait! Fortaleza.

Fried cheese on a stick. Recife.

Reflections. Salvador.

The Splendor in Brazil.
Carnival Sambadrome. Rio De Janeiro.

In the clouds.

Ah Rio.

Statue of Christ in the clouds.

On the way home from Samba School.

Pink House. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The dog walker. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

49ers in Montevideo.

Pushing the tour van.

Dirk the naturalist.

Walk to the penguines. Puerto Madryn.

Wow. So many.

Puerto Madryn.


Cape Horn.

The Horn.



Beaver Pond.

Punta Arena.





Chili ranch.

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Favorite Memories

Puerto Montt, Chile. At the ranch.

In the stallion's barn.

Vina Del Mar.

Arica, Chile.

Arica, Chile.

Peruvian Paso at Tres Canas.

Lima, Peru.

Lima, Peru.

The vault.

Is that a motorcycle? Lima

Pachacamac Ruins, Lima.

Hairless dog of Peru.

Great coffee. Ecuador.

I'll take one. Manta, Ecuador.

What a catch. Manta, Ecuador.

Acapulco Bay.

At the beach.

Hot, Hot, Hot.

Puerto Vallarta.

Long Beach Aquarium.

Long Beach.

Thank you for a great shot. San Francisco.

I miss you.